The Torres Project

The Torres Project

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We live in a time where your value and my value are measured by the size of our bank account. It’s a rat race. Constantly looking back to see who’s catching up as we clumsily stumble forward trying desperately to keep up with the Jones’. Is that really what life should be all about? I believe that life is about personal growth with the unapologetically driven purpose of applying what you’ve learned.


As a baby you had enough drive to pursue mobility. One day you stumbled upon the brilliant idea that the living room table could be used as support for lunging your pudgy little body towards a different corner of the room. Having shed enough tears of frustration you would get back up just to find yourself finally walking along side mom to the candy store, skipping rope with the neighborhood kids, jumping on air castles at chucky cheese parties and playing freeze tag during recess. With sponge like absorption you finally learned how to read Dr. Seuss, play Simon Says and present speeches in elementary school using your new found words, personality, body language, tone of voice, and eye contact skills.  

None of that came easily of course. Thankfully you were too young to care enough about how foolish you may have seemed learning and applying every single one of those skills.


Unfortunately, life has a way of kicking you while you’re down throughout the rest of your life. The options seem to be to give in, tolerate, or keep shedding blood sweat and tears in hopes of diminishing the margin of error. This brings me to the act of building relationships just to watch them fall apart. Where is the value in that? Well, oddly enough, that’s exactly where I discovered the value of pursuing dreams(in my case it's trying to make a serious living as a musician while raising my children) regardless of how silly they may seem to your family, loved one and/or friends, how unfeasible it may seem to your financial adviser, or how far fetched verbalizing them out loud may sound. The journey of a thousand steps starts with one step. The decision to take that first step has been one of the hardest I have every done in my life. No one wants to fail at what they believe to be good enough at to take seriously…especially in public. However there’s nothing more freeing than taking that risk knowing fully well that with only one life to live, that risk may be one if not, the most exciting, freshest, and most meaningful chapter in your life. My first step:

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